Atine John Bosco, MBCS | ACM | ITPA | SIM


"In the journey of life, I am the architect of my dreams, forging ahead with unwavering determination. Through hard work, focus, and a forgiving heart, I build bridges of success, leaving a trail of inspiration for those who dare to dream."

As a Chartered Information Scientist with a strong background in information communication technology and comprehensive technology management, I am proud to serve in multiple roles at the Organisation of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), and as an Ambassador for e-Learner Uganda, a Board Member for the same initiative. My extensive knowledge and experience have earned me memberships in prestigious organizations such as the British Computer Society (MBCS), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Information Technology Professionals Association (ITPA), Society of Information Managers (SIM) where IT leaders connect, and an SFIAplus(a globally-recognised standard developed by industry experts and backed by Government as best practice for identifying and developing IT capability.) Ethical IT Professional.


I am a self-motivated, persuasive, and proactive individual with a talent for fostering open public relationships. My expertise in computing and web techniques allows me to work effectively with others in both supervised and unsupervised settings. Dedicated and determined, I strive for excellence in all my tasks, maintaining a positive attitude and the ability to learn quickly. I believe in promoting a collaborative work culture, focusing on productivity and skillfully managing multiple priorities to adapt to ever-changing business needs.

My specialities span across various fields, including Diplomacy and International Protocol, Computer Engineering, Microsoft New Services Adoption, Cybersecurity, Health Informatics, Geospatial Information Technology, Digital Agriculture, e-Waste, Information Systems, Big Data, Cloud Computing, PC Hardware, HRIS/HRMS, CMPS, WiMAX, Internet Connectivity, Application Development, and Telecommunications Product Integration. Additionally, I am experienced with the Apple Beta Software Programme, Android development, and drone piloting.

In my roles at OACPS and as an Ambassador and Board Member for e-Learner Uganda, I am dedicated to leveraging my diverse skillset to contribute to the success of these initiatives and make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

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